The Light The World Parade began in 2004 with the idea of creating a completely mobile parade that would simply accommodate every possible environmental challenge presented. In this way we provide for no excuses for impossible performances.  

The Light The World Parade™
is able to perform completely mobile on sidewalks, streets, parks, plazas, warehouses, amphitheatres, arenas and stadiums.
Your Brand.
Your Audience.

The Light The World Parade Team is made up of entertainment industry pros with over three decades of experience working with youth, young adults and large format events. Our performing CAST of dancers, gymnasts, color guard, drumline, puppeteers and performers are trained to deliver your event with stellar results every time.


The Light The World Parade knows how to present story, so if you are looking to connect with your audience and you want them to remember the event, there is no one out there that will look out for you and your Brand the way we do.

The Light The World Parade is not just a show, we also offer the 'Look' for the area of the parade. We look at all the possibilites, potentials and presentation options to make this appearance the best appearance. 
Set-Up and Take-Down

The Light The World Parade™ is designed to set-up and take-down in every situation. Working with Civil Authorities and Municiple Governance to produce a safe and professional event from start to finish.

We design. We create.
We make it happen.

 The Light The World Parade© 2004-2020 a celebration of joy and hope™

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