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Relaunch Scheduled January 2020

Our Story.

  It was two weeks after the 911 terror attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93. It happened to us all. Every American. Every soul who thought we lived in peace and safety in the 'Land of the free and the home of the brave.' Everything changed that day. The shock of the event set my creative team in motion to respond by creating a message of hopeful expectation.


  Suddenly out of the ashes was born an idea. A celebration of joy that is filled with unapproachable LIGHT and possibility. A future that we in part choose, by our own actions. An effort to connect again with people, hurting people, healing people and people needing a hand up to LOVE. It's a message we didn't create ourselves. It was given to us long ago to steward in centuries of the past and with an origin that requires us all to have faith. Faith to believe the impossible to be possible. At its core is salvation from an often evil culture. It is hope put into action. It is one of the oldest commands to all mankind. . . Love One Another.



  The Light The World Parade™ is just that catalyst. It was created to impact culture.

It was created out of passionate generosity, great care and attention to detail.


  It was created to remind us all to keep moving forward. To be joyful along the way. To keep hope alive. The Light The World Parade™ is a ready made pep rally, an ambassador of happiness, a party for the times, a celebration like no other. A celebration of Joy and Hope.



   The Light The World Parade™ is created and designed by some of the most influential creative artists of our time, their work featured on previous national tours, concerts, amusement parks, sports events and spectaculars that have been enjoyed by millions worldwide. Today we have come together to take action on behalf of the cultural and spiritual future of our world. Simply put, we want to deliver something special that makes a real difference in the lives of people. The hope of a generation. The hope of all mankind.



  The Light The World Parade™

  We network with existing non-profit organizations, corporate brands and special events of all kinds to accomplish our GIVE BACK BIG initiatives. We specialize in high-end creative performing arts, marching arts and visual arts pageantry.  We design with dance, stunt teams, color guard, drum line, puppetry, inflatable arts, live show blocking and production. We are deliberate in demonstrating honor, respect and inclusion in all that we do and the people we serve. We represent Brands who believe in our message and design. We represent Brands that want to partner with this movement. Together we bring the future possibilites.

We are a movement to mobilize the next generation of youth to Think Big Stuff®.

Ed James

  Director of Development

Colossians 1:15-17

 The Light The World Parade© 2004-2020 a celebration of joy and hope™

Lets Think Big Now Productions™ . Think Big Stuff® . ARK 2 Studio™ . 

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